Our Mission

PECSR's mission is to help government and businesses transition to a more environmentally-responsible and sustainable economy by adapting existing or creating new products and services. We believe that by being cognizant of the effects our activities have on our planet, on flora and fauna and various indigenous communities, we can build a better world.

A message from the Founder

"Growing up in India, I saw the impacts of environmental degradation first hand. I grew up in Delhi, which at that time was undergoing rapid development and transformation. The local authorities seemed to have given no thought to the environmental impact of so many developments taking place simultaneous. There were construction projects, new industries, growing personal vehicle use. Waste and recycle management were not adequately handled. What used to be a beautiful hilly forest not more than 30 minutes drive from my home turned into a waste dumping ground. Plastic bags few around. Thousands of animals were forced to flee in search of a cleaner environment.

I moved away from my city for the same reasons. However, things were not all that different elsewhere. As I traveled and lived in various cities in India and abroad, I saw how little humans cared cared about the end impact of goods and materials they so carelessly used and threw away. In India (a developing country), the problem of plastic waste was in your face. In Canada, US and France (developed countries), the same problem was there, just hidden from public view.

Every year I participate in local community cleanup projects, hoping that one day the world would realize the important of properly disposing of its waste. Finally, in early 2019, I decided to take initiative and set example for the packaging and recycling industries, for which I founded PECSR."

Abhinav Syal



Abhinav Syal

Founder, Director


Abhinav completed his Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering from MD University, India, and his MBA in International Business from University of South Carolina. During his career, he has taken roles in areas such as Market Research, Product Development, Investment Banking, Regulatory Analysis and Audit. All of this has helped him develop a deep understanding of his clients' needs and provide them with solutions that are in line with the regulatory requirements. If you have an product idea but you are not sure how to proceed, Abhinav is your guy.


Tolga Akiner



Tolga is a data scientist with experience in machine learning, natural language processing, computational modeling, algorithms, nanoscience, and thermal and fluid sciences. I currently work on text analytics of customer voice by mining, cleaning and processing text data and applying different machine learning techniques and NLP tools to discover key insights of customer and patient experience. Tolga is committed to development of solutions to environmental issues such as single-use plastics and climate change.


Lana Melnichuk

Technical Advisor


Lana holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from York University and an Master of Applied Science degree in Civil Engineering from University in Toronto. She has 15 years of experience working in various technical roles in Toronto. Having worked in various industries such as civil engineering, teaching, animation studios, ESG and environmental management consulting, Lana possesses a wide range of technical and organizational skills. She currently works as a technical consultant and a professional development coach for career professionals and small business owners.